Security Update: Critical Update Released for Adobe Flash Player (All Platforms)

Status Type

Security Update

Date and Time

Thursday, February 6, 2014 - 08:55


Critical Security Update


Adobe Flash Player for All Platforms


Adobe has released security updates to address a critical vulnerability in Adobe Flash Player for Windows, Macintosh and Linux.

Due to the security issues, Apple has updated the web plug-in blocking mechanism to disable all versions prior to Flash Player
Advanced Users: For a complete description of the security enhancements and affected software refer to:

  • APPLE-SA-2014-02-04-1 at (Apple to post an update at this site but at the time of this notice being sent it has not been updated yet.)


  • Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Windows and Macintosh
  • Adobe Flash Player and earlier versions for Linux

To verify the version of Adobe Flash Player installed on your system, access the About Flash Player page at, or right-click on content running in Flash Player and select "About Adobe (or Macromedia) Flash Player" from the menu. If you use multiple browsers, perform the check for each browser you have installed on your system.

To verify the version of Adobe Flash Player for Android, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Adobe Flash Player x.x.

To verify the version of Adobe AIR installed on your system, follow the instructions in the Adobe AIR TechNote at


1. The new exploit was used in targeted attacks that distributed malware designed to steal login credentials for email and other online services.

2. You may not be aware you’re using Adobe Flash Player and other Adobe products but it is freely available on most web browsers (such as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome and Safari).

3. An outdated program may allow an attacker to take control of your computing device.



Update Your Software

  • If you have IT support, no action on your part is required.