Service Interruption: Zoom dialing issues and Duo Slow to Respond

Status Type

Service Interruption

Status State

In Progress

Date and Time

Thursday, March 19, 2020 - 08:00 to 17:00


Surge in remote work is increasing load on Zoom and Duo



IT is getting increasing reports of customers getting a busy signal or no connection when dialing into Zoom meetings from their phones. This is due to very high utilization at Zoom.  To avoid disruptions to your Zoom meetings try these tips:

  1. When using your desktop or laptop to join a Zoom meeting
    • In your meeting invitation, click the URL / link to the Zoom meeting
    • A dialog box will appear and in small print at the top of the box you’ll see “Phone Call” and “Computer Audio”;  Select “Computer Audio”
    • Click “Join with Computer Audio”
  2. If your computer doesn’t have speakers and/or a microphone:
    • Use the Zoom App on your smartphone (download from the App Store or Google Play Store). 
      • First time use-> click "Sign In"->  select SSO-> enter "ucsf" ->complete your login with MyAccess
    • Open the Zoom App and enter the zoom meeting number
    • Select “Call Using Internet Audio” .
  3. If you use a dial-in number:
    • Call in to meetings early, not on the hour or half hour.
    • From the list of numbers provided, dial-into the number in the middle or lowest on the list first.
    • If you are experiencing issues with your cell phone, switch to a land line.


Duo is experiencing a huge increase in use as more people are working from home. If you have trouble using Duo push then enter a passcode from the Duo app.