Student Software Guide

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This page provides supplemental information about required software including guidelines for installation and provides additional software recommendations. This is the final part of a three-part series:

  1. Technology Introduction for Students
  2. Technology Requirements for Students
  3. Student Software Guide

Microsoft Office

UCSF provides Office 365 ProPlus for Mac and PC users which includes Office 2016 desktop versions of Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher (PC only), and Access (PC only). You can install Office on up to 5 PCs or Macs, 5 tablets, and 5 smartphones. The Office 2016 installer can be accessed by following the instructions below:

1. Login to your UCSF Email:

2. Select the settings icon from upper-right menu:

3. Scroll down to Your app settings and select Office 365:

4. Select Install status from left menu:

5. Click Install desktop applications:

6. Follow on-screen prompts to download and install Office 2016.

Required Security Software

UCSF requires all faculty, staff, and students to install an extensive stack of security software on all computers being used for UCSF business, research, or studies. The table below provides details about the purpose of each component and some basic guidelines for installation. All software is licensed by UCSF with no cost to students--detailed installation instructions and downloads are available at:



Installation Guidelines

Dell Data Protection Encryption (DDPE) with IBM BigFix

DDPE uses encryption to prevent unauthorized persons from accessing legally protected information.


BigFix is an Endpoint Management Software used to deploy and manage updates and patches. It also collects basic system information to associate the device with you.

UCSF needs to be able to show that a device was encrypted even if we no longer have physical access to it (e.g. it is lost or stolen) and UCSF needs to store decryption keys in order to decrypt any UCSF data stored on a device.

If your computer is already encrypted with FileVault (Mac) or BitLocker (Windows) you will need to install BigFix and submit a Proof of Encryption Form.

***Read and follow instructions before installing or you may encounter issues***

Download & Instructions for DDPE/BigFix


Installation Overview:

  • Before
    • Decrypt if required
    • Delink login account if required (PC Only)
    • Update your OS
    • Backup your system
  • During:
    • Requires internet connection
    • Must be connected to power
    • May take hours to encrypt
  • Verify:
    • Complete Registration Page
    • BigFix is installed
    • System Storage is in compliance

More Info on DDPE

More Info on BigFix

For assistance, contact the UCSF IT Service Desk. Or visit the Library Tech Commons Drop-in Helpdesk.

Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)

SEP includes Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, Host Intrusion Prevention System, and Client Firewall (PC only).

Download & Instructions for SEP

Select Version: Windows 64-bit or Apple OS X 10.8 - 10.12

Uninstall all other antivirus software and Disable Windows Defender. No need to run multiple programs or purchase a separate license.

More Info

ForeScout SecureConnect

SecureConnect is a Network Access Control (NAC) Agent used to ensure your system meets the minimum security requirements before connecting your device to the network.

Download & Instructions for SecureConnect

Select Version: Permanent Installer

Installation is rapid, icon will be added upon completion.

More Info

Junos Pulse - Virtual Private Network (VPN) Client

When off campus, Junos Pulse connects your computer to the UCSF network in order to protect transfer of all data. This is highly recommended for even general browsing, especially when using public WiFi connections.

Connection is required for access to certain library resources and needed to send or receive your UCSF email when using desktop applications such as Outlook or Apple Mail.

Download & Instructions for Junos Pulse

Select Version: Junos Pulse (Do Not Select Dual Authentication)

More Info

CipherCloud for Box

CipherCloud encrypts everything inside your [email protected] secure folder and will scan and automatically encrypt all file formats that contain matches to UCSF PHI. You will know a file is encrypted when it is renamed with a.ccsecure extension. The CipherCloud Agent is required to access encrypted files.

Download & Instructions for CipherCloud

More Info


Additional Required Software

In addition to security software, you are required to have a variety of other software installed to ensure that you can access, open, and view any learning materials that are distributed by your program. The table below provides details about the purpose of each piece of software and important notes.

Reminder: It is essential that you keep all this software constantly updated to the latest versions in order to protect your device from security risks.




Some of our required software or websites may be incompatible with your preferred web browser. If this happens, you will need to use an alternative browser to access that particular resource. We encourage you to become comfortable using more than one browser.

Adobe Media:

These programs enable you to view and interact with Adobe multimedia.

Windows users only: Flash has separate installers for Firefox and Internet Explorer, you need to visit the download page in each browser to complete both installations. Shockwave Player only needs to be installed once.

Java Applications:

Enables you to run applications created for the Java software platform.

Media Players:

These programs enable you to view and listen to a variety of media files.

Quicktime is no longer required for Windows Users. All current Windows Operating Systems and browsers support H.264 an AAC media formats without additional software.

Unfortunately, Apple does not support the playback of WMV or WMA files. If your program requires you to view these media formats, you will need to purchase Flip4Mac Player.

Recommended Software

Backup Solutions

Good backup practices offer a layer of protection against mishaps like lost/stolen laptops, ransomware, coffee spills, and hardware failures.

We highly recommend that you keep a regular, automatic backup of your data. UCSF uses CrashPlan Pro as an enterprise backup solution for macOS and Windows. CrashPlan performs a complete and continuous backup of your files and provides flexible backup and restore options. Additionally, all backed-up data is encrypted meaning this solution is HIPAA compliant. The UCSF community is eligible to use CrashPlan at a significant discount. For Mac users, we also recommend Apple Time Machine or Time Capsule.

Storing files on UCSF Box is another option but please note that Box does not have traditional backups. Box has disaster recovery services but users cannot request snapshot backups or data recovery at the file level. Box does provide file versioning and a trash folder, so you can roll back to previous versions or recover a file from trash.


UCSF Box is a cloud-based file collaboration tool. UCSF Box is similar to Dropbox, OneDrive, and GoogleDrive but only UCSF Box is managed and supported by UCSF IT. UCSF Box is integrated with MyAccess and offers features such as content and task management, online workspace for collaboration, and user and group permissions. Additionally, since the implementation of CipherCloud, UCSF Box users are able to store restricted data including UCSF PHI.

In addition to accessing UCSF Box online, Box has developed numerous useful productivity apps:



Box Edit Highly recommended for smoother interactions when working with Box through the browser. Box Edit lets you easily edit files on Box using the native applications installed on your computer. Click the ‘Open’ button in the file preview page to open any file directly from Box.
Box Notes Box Notes makes it easy to create meeting notes, share ideas, track status updates and plan projects together. Every Box Note is instantly available on web, mobile or your desktop, so you can access your notes from anywhere.
Box Sync Box Sync is a desktop sync application that keeps all your files safe and secure in the cloud, while having them available on your computer and accessible from anywhere, on any device with Box mobile apps.


Mobile Apps



Moodle Mobile for Android

Moodle Mobile for iOS

For programs using Moodle as part of CLE. This app allows you to easily access course content, keep up to date with instant notifications, submit assignments, and track your progress from anywhere, anytime.

UCSF Box for Android

UCSF Box for iOS

View, upload, and share your files while you are on the go using Box from your mobile device.

NextBus for Android

NextBus for iOS

The NextBus platform provides current position, and estimated arrival/departure time for the UCSF Shuttle. For additional route and timetable information visit Campus Life Services.

CLS Services at UCSF for Android

CLS Services at UCSF for iOS

The CLS Services at UCSF app is the primary app for the campus community. It gives users access to UCSF information such as fitness services, emergency contact numbers, events, news, dining and maps.

CipherCloud for Box for Android - only this version works with Box

CipherCloud for iOS

Required to view secure documents on a mobile or tablet device.