DUO Two-Factor Authentication

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What is two factor authentication?

Two-factor authentication goes by various names, including two-step verification, but the process is the same. In addition to something you know such as a password or a PIN you have to supply an additional credential to log into a resource such as a web site or VPN. In the case of DUO once you enter your ID and password, the DUO service will prompt you for a second credential. This credential may include sending a request to the DUO smartphone app, you typing in a code from the app, a phone call to a predetermined land line phone or a text message to your phone with an additional code that you need to enter.

Who Will be Impacted?

DUO is being rolled out to UCSF IT staff and vendors.

Currently DUO Security two factor login is only configured to work with the new Juno Pulse VPN client. Central has completed a number of two factor implementations with our servers, we are beginning to work with other departments to setup their servers. Other servers or services such as cloud based services (Box), computer applications and web based applications may be considered at a later date.

Is having a smart phone required?

While having a smart phone is not required, using a smart phone is recommended. There are a number of features that are not available without the phone.

Setup Help

If you have been identified as needing to use DUO you will receive the email to complete the setup process - if you did not receive an email and feel that you should be using DUO please contact the service desk. They can assist you with understanding DUO and walk you through the setup process.


1. What if I would like to use DUO?

The initial deployment is only central UCSF IT employees, we are expanding the rollout to more users.

2. How will the expansion of the rollout be determined?

Additional users will be added for compliance, access to restricted data (PCI, FERPA or HIPAA protected) and work location reasons.

3. How will I know if I am a member of the current or expanded rollout?

Your manager or member of the IT staff will contact and work with you.

4. I was identified as needing to use DUO, I am having problems who should I contact?

You should work with your manager or Service Desk. The Service Desk contact information is in the "Get IT Help" section just to the left of this article.

5. Will there be a cost for using DUO?

Not at this time.

6. I have an employee with a new phone, how do we get it setup?

If it is the same phone number just a new phone she just needs to add the DUO application to the phone and then contact the Service desk so they can send another SMS \ Text to activate the device.

If it is a new number, there are 2 options:

  1. Use self service on website and add the new number there
  2. Provide the new number to the service desk and we can add it to her account and remove the old one.
Additional Information is available on the IAM wiki at: