As of March 19, 2015, UCSF will be inactivating Box accounts for faculty, staff, or students who are no longer part of the university. If an active user has shared access to a Box file or folder that is owned by someone who is now inactivated, that active user will not be able to access that content. Should this occur, please open a ticket and list the name of the person who should be the new owner of that file or folder (most likely their former supervisor). If the inactivated user does not have a Consent to Access Electronic Information form on file, their former supervisor will need to fill that out.

Note: If you are leaving UCSF and have shared data in your Box account, click this link.

UCSF Box is now available enterprise-wide.

Store and share files across devices and across the enterprise with the cloud-based Information Technology Field Services now supports this 3rd party service and plug-in for any student, staff or faculty member with a MyAccess account. Each user can upload files as large as 15GB. allows you to: 

  • Share files and invite collaborators to large or frequently changing files
  • Sync files between devices
  • Add discussions, tasks and comments to files and folders

UCSF Box CAN be used for ePHI, FERPA or other restricted data! Find out more about Secure Box.

To get access to this service, understand more about its uses or how compares to MyResearch, shared drives or other collaborative technologies please read more.