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The New Microsoft Teams Is Coming in 2024

  • Author: Michael Marmon

  • Date:
  • Associated Services:
    Office 365: Teams

You may have noticed some recent changes while using Microsoft Teams, whether it is a toggle to Try the New Teams within the Teams web app or the desktop client being renamed Microsoft Teams Classic.

While it is possible to use the new Microsoft Teams, we do not recommend switching at this time as UCSF IT is reviewing the changes to ensure that the application is supported correctly and to limit any user experience issues. 

UCSF IT expects to roll out and support the New Teams in Q1 of 2024. The platform will be updated on both the desktop and the web.

In the meantime, it is worthwhile to review some of the upcoming feature changes within the New Microsoft Teams:

  • A faster app optimized for performance (e.g. Two times faster, while using 50% less memory) on multiple platforms
  • A simpler user experience that makes it easier to do more in fewer clicks
  • Contacts will not be accessible, instead, it's a new People app (more to come...)
  • Activity Chat will no longer be available
  • Wiki will no longer be accessible via Teams

UCSF IT will continue to provide updates regarding the New Microsoft Teams and an announcement when the application is ready for use.