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About Us

What we do

UCSF's enterprise and departmental IT units deliver a complete set of IT service and support.

Our enterprise IT services, provided by UCSF IT – CIO Joe Bengfort’s team – include infrastructure, network, security, analytics, integration, application and customer support services. These essential services support UCSF’s mission to care, heal, teach and discover.

UCSF IT is organized into five major units of service delivery:

  1. Customer Service
  2. Enterprise Applications and Infrastructure
  3. Enterprise Information and Analytics
  4. Security
  5. IT Strategy

Find IT Service categories organized by type of service, function and audience. This page includes search and a full catalog A-Z list.

IT Organizational Chart

UCSF IT is comprised of many different departments that provide a variety of services to customers within the Health and Campus areas of the UCSF enterprise. 

For visibility into these departments and their respective service areas, you may view the current organizational structure of UCSF IT at IT @ UCSF Organizational Chart (UCSF login required).

IT partnerships

In addition to our enterprise IT services, specialized support comes from our partners. Here's just a sample:

IT governance

UCSF IT Governance operates as a collective of eight thematic subcommittees and a steering committee, populated with approximately 200 members, who advise on and approve policies, procedures and priorities for IT at UCSF. Its goal is to support the University’s strategic priorities and assist its community members to maximize their effectiveness in advancing health.

IT Governance sponsors the bimonthly Tech Forum to facilitate increased communication and collaboration among all IT support staff. The Tech Forum is open to all interested IT support staff and customers across all UCSF operations.