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UCSFguest - Open Wireless

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How to Request Access

UCSFguest wireless SSID connection is open to everyone visiting UCSF locations at this time. No additional request for access required.


The UCSFguest wireless network is available wherever the protected UCSFwpa network can be found. This enables people without UCSF network accounts to access basic Campus, Medical Center and internet resources.


The UCSFguest wireless network may be used by anyone visiting UCSF (including patients and patient families) who is related to UCSF business or services.

Important: The UCSFguest network is reserved for visitors. UCSF faculty, staff, students and affiliates should use the protected UCSFwpa network for all communications.


As an open network, the UCSFguest wireless network has no encryption to protect users from eavesdropping. Using it is just like using the wireless network at a coffee shop or library. It is accessible to anyone within range of the signal.

UCSF limits what can be done on the UCSFguest network in order to protect (1) University resources from unwanted issues and (2) The university against use of the network for malicious activities.

All attempts to connect to sites or protocols that are not open through the guest system will receive an immediate connection rejection.

Access to UCSF

Clients are limited to (1) a specific list of UCSF websites and (2) connecting to the Campus and Medical Center VPN services.

Note: The mail@UCSF system restricts users to web or Microsoft Intune for mail.

Access to the internet

UCSFguest supports common communication protocols such as web browsing; however, it blocks services known to cause problems to organizations. The following communications will work:

  • Web: HTTP, HTTPS
  • Protected Mail: POPS, IMAPS, SMTP-SSL
  • Remote Connectivity: SSH, Windows Remote Desktop (RDP)
  • General Network: PING, DNS, NTP

Connecting to UCSFguest

Connecting to the UCSFguest network can be as easy as selecting it from the list of available wireless networks on your device. No authentication is required. However, there may be minimal setup depending on your operating system software.

Technical notes

The specific ports allowed through the UCSFguest network to the general internet are as follows:

  • tcp/22, udp/53, tcp/80, udp/123, tcp/443, tcp/465, udp/500, tcp/993, tcp/995, tcp/1723, tcp/3389, udp/4500, udp/10000, icmp types 0 and 8, and protocols 47, 50, and 51

Use of these ports is unrestricted and will not result in a rejected connection by the wireless service.