Subscriber Information

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To subscribe to a Listserv, send a one line email message from the address that you want added to the subscription list.*

  • In the To field, enter: [email protected];
  • Leave the Subject field blank;
  • In the body on the message, enter: subscribe listname firstname lastname;
    where listname is the name of the Listserv you want to subscribe to and firstname lastname are your first and last name.

    The system captures your email address from the FROM field of your message.

Once you have sent your subscription request to the Listserv server, you will get one of three of responses.

  • For 'Open,Confirm' Listservs, which allows subscribers to join the Listserv at their own discretion, you will receive a confirmation request email to confirm your intention to subscribe to the listserv.  Upon confirming your subscription, you will receive a 'welcome' or 'acceptance' message stating that your subscription request has been accepted.
  • For 'By_Owner' Listservs, which allows the Listserv owner to review and process subscription requests, you will receive a notice that your subscription request has been forwarded to the list owner.
  • For 'Closed' Listervs, which do not allow subscribers to self-subscribe, you will receive a notice that the Listserv is closed.  If you wish to pursue subscribing to a 'Closed' Listserv, then you may attempt to contact the Listserv owner by sending an email to: listname[email protected].

* These instructions do NOT apply to subscribing to the administrative role-based or building listservs. Membership in the administrative listservs is based on information stored in the Campus Locator Service.