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FeedbackFruits (FbF)

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How to Request Access

FeedbackFruits (FbF) tools are integrated into the UCSF CLE: Anyone with UCSF MyAccess login credentials has access to the CLE and therefore the FbF tools. Participation within the CLE is based on enrollment in courses and the level of access granted to your profile. 

  • Once in the CLE, you can access and use the FbF tools how you would any other activities and resources in the CLE. Course editors can add, edit, delete FbF activities and resources; course participants, based on course settings, can participate in the FbF activities. 


FeedbackFruits (FbF) is an online suite of tools that are integrated into the UCSF CLE. The suite includes 15 tools to boost learner engagement and collaboration for synchronous and asynchronous learning experiences.      

The FbF suite offers several tools that support authentic assessment, peer review, social annotation, group and team-based learning, plus opportunities for instructors and learners to use text, audio, and video when submitting assignments and giving feedback. 

Instructors can leverage reusable activity templates, shared rubrics, and AI-assisted grading and student guidance for assignment review and peer feedback.  Explore the FeedbackFruits tool suite for UCSF to learn more.  

Technical Support  

You have two options to request technical support for any FbF tools:  

  1. Education IT can support and delegate most technical aspects of FbF. You can request technical support via the "open a ticket with Education IT" link below on this page.        
  1. Just in time help from a live support person: Click the blue “help” chat icon within any FbF activity. You can also find the “help” icon in the bottom left-hand corner of the FbF help page. The support window is open 24- hours, Sunday 7 p.m. through Friday 7 p.m. (Pacific Time).    

Instructional Design Support 

The instructional design team at the UCSF Library can support you with various instructional design resources regarding how to use FbF tools in your courses. For more information, visit the the instructional design team's website.   

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