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How to Request Access

Anyone with UCSF MyAccess login credentials can use Media@UCSF through the CLE. Once you are logged in to the CLE, under your profile icon, you will find the “My Kaltura Media.” Click on the link to access your multimedia content. 


Media@UCSF is UCSF’s centralized multimedia hosting and distribution platform. The platform is integrated with the CLE. Faculty, staff and learners can review, create and upload educational content to the platform in the CLE. In the CLE [[crosslink to CLE service page]], under your profile icon, you will find the “My Kaltura Media” link. Click on the link to access your multimedia content.    

For example, instructors can use Media@UCSF in the CLE to post an introduction video to their course, accept videos from their course participants for grading and embed videos in quizzes. Course participants can share, for example, videos with their peers in a course media gallery or forum.   

With Media@UCSF, you also get free of charge access to tools for recording video from your laptop and smartphone.  

Please note: Media@UCSF is not a file storage repository. Only multimedia content that are actively shared with others in the CLE should be uploaded to the platform. If you need to store or backup multimedia files, we recommend using UCSF Box or OneDrive. 

Technical Support  

Education IT supports and delegates most technical aspects of Media@UCSF. You can request technical support via the "open a ticket with Education IT" link below on this page.    

Instructional Design Support  

The instructional design team at the UCSF Library can support you with various instructional design resources regarding how to use Media@UCSF in your courses. For more information, visit the the instructional design team's website

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