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“Accessibility is Me” Video Campaign Launch

  • Author: Jill Wolters

  • Date:

What’s New

IT launches a new campaign for digital accessibility! UCSF colleagues share their digital accessibility awareness and favorite resources. This series of videos features stories about people you know and a unique insight into the digital accessibility efforts, tools, and best practices that are utilized by your colleagues at UCSF.

Why Accessibility Matters

Digital accessibility aligns with UCSF PRIDE Values and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) efforts. Ensuring digital access for users of all abilities reduces legal liability and most important, it is the right thing to do.

Featured Video

Kim Lapean video screenshot

One of the videos features Kim LaPean, Director of FAS Communications and Engagement. Kim thought of the perfect way to think about our accessibility efforts at all levels: “accessibly should be built in, by design and by default."

Get Inspired

Take a short break and watch an uplifting 2-3 minute video from the “Accessibility is Me” video showcase.

Get inspired from others doing the same type of work and building accessibility into their jobs. Make connections. Hope to see you at our monthly events, too.

Help Spread the Word

Access the publicity kit to help spread the work within our UCSF communities about the campaign. Talk about it in relevant staff & committee meetings. 

How can I make my UCSF web sites more accessible?

Become an accessibility ally and advocate. UCSF provides training for all staff to learn more about digital accessibility awareness and testing techniques.