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IAP Automation Goal Cuts Costs and Reduces Hundreds of Hours

  • Author: Tanya Jansen

  • Date:

The IAP Automation goal for FY22/23 was focused on Quality & Service Improvement. Our tactics leveraged automation tools and frameworks to improve compliance, quality, efficiency, throughput, and customer satisfaction. Focusing on principles of Lean Thinking, the teams eliminated waste and increased value for our organization. 

The Automation Committee received 21 submissions and selected four. Selection criteria included customer satisfaction, security, and compliance, as well as repeatability and standardization. Chosen projects were: 

  • APeX Provider Records SER 
  • Password Bot Self-Service 
  • Website Request Automation 
  • LWS Record Completion 

All four automations were completed and met stretch goals. 


Thinking Beyond Cost Savings 

Amanda Crain, MPH, APeX Security Manager, Clinical Systems said, “The automation work that was completed has significantly improved our ability to manage large Epic implementations, allowing for smooth, efficient and error-free provisioning of provider records. We’ve saved significant time and resources by eliminating manual tasks that used to be required.” 

This year’s projects embraced going beyond cost savings by looking at: 

  • Improved Usability 
  • Reduction in errors 
  • Repeatability 
  • Reduced time to completion  
  • Risk Reduction  

For more information, contact John Chin, Director, IT Customer Experience