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Library Scores 100 in Siteimprove Accessibility

  • Author: Jill Wolters

  • Date:
Level A, AA, WAI-ARIA and best practices all at at a score of 100.

Congratulations to Rich Trott and Michele Mizejewski from the Library. They increased the Library’s website Siteimprove scores for WCAG Levels A and AA to 100, the top score!

As a reminder Siteimprove is the automated checker we use systemwide to monitor websites for accessibility. WCAG is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines referenced in the UC IT Accessibility policy and digital accessibility lawsuits for ADA compliance.

Keeping websites accessible is everyone’s responsibility. Using a combination of automated and human testing helps identify barriers to online content. Remediating these issues for high-traffic public-facing websites keeps UCSF aligned with their DEI initiatives. And It’s the right thing to do.

Are you monitoring your website for accessibility in Siteimprove? What is your site’s score?

To learn more about monitoring your public-facing website for accessibility, please enter a Digital Accessibility Consultation request.