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Event Management System (EMS)

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How to Request Access

Access to the Event Management System (EMS) is provided to all UCSF facultystaff, and contractors automatically as user accounts are created and integrated via MyAccess single sign-on (SSO).

NOTE: EMS can be accessed via MyAccess SSO under Event Management System (EMS)

There is no cost associated with using EMS as UCSF Health has provided an enterprise software license that supports all of UCSF.

EMS is supported by IT Clinical Applications and Enterprise IT with Nutrition and Food Services acting as the primary business owner.


The Event Management System (EMS) is the enterprise space scheduling tool available at UCSF for scheduling:

  • Conference/ meeting rooms
  • Collaboration spaces
  • Consult rooms
  • Hoteling - spaces, work stations, offices/rooms, etc.
  • Other spaces (e.g. Lactation, huddle, etc.)

EMS provides the ability to conduct room searches across different campuses, buildings, and rooms as well as size, attributes, and other characteristics.

For questions about managing your spaces within EMS, please contact Dan Henroid or open a ticket in ServiceNow to schedule a consulting session.


  • Eliminate scheduling friction - Simplify the process for reserving rooms at UCSF and avoid double bookings for space across campus.
  • Optimize space utilization - Get insight into the utilization of your rooms by leveraging EMS' advanced analytics.
  • Increase collaboration - EMS makes it easy for users to find the ideal place to meet with colleagues by providing filters to find rooms based on capacity, location, and available resources.


If you encounter any issues with the Event Management System, please submit a ticket on our Employee Self-Service Portal


If you need assistance with initially using the Event Management System, consult the EMS Quick Start Guide (Requires Box login) or request access to the Accruent Academy by submitting a ticket in ServiceNow.