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How to Request Access

MuleSoft is available through two different paths at UCSF including the Mule Enterprise Service Bus and Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Both of these options requires an intake session with the Integration Services team to assist with identifying the scope and requirements of the project, assess the solution design and the project time among other topics.

An Interface Request Form can be submitted from the ServiceNow Employee Self Help Page

NOTE: There might be recharge costs associated with MuleSoft Projects and Maintenance/ Support Services.


The UCSF Integration Services team implemented the Mule Platform (Enterprise Service Bus and API Manager) to integrate applications and replace the many point to point interfaces within the organization.  

The Integration Services team can assist your integration needs by building new integrations from scratch, enhance existing integrations, or provide consulting to help you achieve your integration goals.


  • Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) to handle general integration solutions - Connecting applications, data, and devices through both custom and pre-built APIs
  • API Manager - API Management to expose reusable data services and enforce data governance
  • PaaS - Platform as a Service - The Mule ESB and API Manager are available to UCSF developers to build and solve their own integration needs


For MuleSoft related questions and support, request a consulting session or develop a live integration, submit an Interface Request via the Employee Self-Service Portal.


If you decide to utilize Mule as a Platform as a Service, there are a variety of training materials to assist you with building your own integration solution. Learn more about Mule training courses.

Requirements and Limitations

Integration projects involving the Mule platform are subject to IT approval and may incur recharge costs.