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How to Request Access

There are 3 types of wiki spaces:

Wiki Space Type Access Information
Public Accessible to the public - anyone on the internet.
Login Required

Accessible to all logged in users.  Once logged in, an authenticated user will be able to access wiki spaces that are set up as login required.

Account Setup:  Accounts are auto-created for UC employees at initial login to the [email protected] website.  [email protected] uses SSO credentials set by each UC location. 


Accessible to select individuals that have a login account. 

Access to wiki spaces that are private are usually granted by the Space Administrator for said wiki space.  User should find out who manages their target wiki space and request access permission.  They may also file a Service Now ticket to seek help.


The [email protected] is a UCSF service for online collaboration and knowledge management.  It serves needs of the UCSF community to collaborate within the campus and with other UCSF campuses and/or UCSF affiliated organizations.

The wiki is a website edited by its users, with features for collaborative authoring, document sharing, and task management. It is hosted by UCSF IT and is powered by Confluence



[email protected] is available for use at all times except during scheduled technical maintenance events. Maintenance, scheduled outages, or upgrades are announced within the [email protected] or Space Administrators are notified via the Confluence listserv.


System requirements

[email protected] is best experienced using UCSF IT-supported browsers:

  • Internet Explorer for Windows
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari for macOS
  • Google Chrome 

To find currently supported browser versions, visit the UCSF Web Browser Standards.


Getting help

For general questions about [email protected], please visit Wiki Help.   For further questions, please email [email protected].

For system problems when accessing [email protected], please do one of the following: