Data Network Recharge: System Information

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The UCSF Campus Data Network Recharge was approved in March, 2009, by the Chancellor’s Executive Budget Committee; this does not apply to UCSF Medical Center. Current FY17 rates are $44/month for faculty & staff, and $11/month for students & affiliates. FY18 rates are estimated at $46/month for faculty & staff and $12/month for students & affiliates.


The Data Recharge System went live on November 30, 2009 and is accessible to authorized users by logging into My Access.

Continuing with the general understanding that the current $44 per FTE per month is a significantly subsidized rate and based on the Chancellor Executive Committee (CEC) presentation in 2012, please find below the CEC approved schedule of network recharge rates for your review and planning purposes.





How it works

At the end of each month the final payroll computation for the month, which generates the payroll earn file, will be imported into the Data Network Recharge System. The system will calculate the recharge amount based on the predetermined monthly FTE cost and derived FTE percentage (for those who are recharge eligible). The system will then apply the data network recharge fee to the identified COA, according to the percent time that an employee is paid by a particular funding source.

For example, campus employee May Smith is paid on three different funds, with the $44 allocated each month according to the percent time she is on each source:

May Smith 20% dpa/fund X $ 44/mo. = $8.80/mo.

May Smith 40% dpa/fund X $44/mo. = $17.60/mo.

May Smith 40% dpa/fund X $44/mo. = $17.60/mo.

Total 100%:    $44.00/mo.

Thus, May Smith’s funding source that supports 20 percent of her time would be charged $8.80 each month.

For part-time campus employees, the charge will be proportional to their percent FTE, e.g., someone working 50% time would be recharged $22 (50% of $44).

For information on access to the Data Recharge System, please contact: ITS Business Applications (email: [email protected].)