Effort Reporting System (ERS)

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Effort reporting is a federal requirement to certify the effort of all employees who work on federally-funded research grants and contracts. The Effort Reporting System is an online, web-based system that replaces the 25-year-old outdated, paper PAR process. A detailed explanation about effort reporting policies and requirements can be found on the Effort Reporting System webpage.

Using ERS

Information on how to use ERS can be found at the Controller's Office Effort Reporting System - Training & Job Aids.

Getting Help

If you have questions about effort reporting policy and/or the Effort Reporting System:

  • First, consult your designated Reviewer
  • If he/she is unable to assist you, consult your Effort Reporting Coordinator.
  • If you cannot get the assistance you need from your department, contact by email the Controller's Office Solution Center or call 415-514-4100, option 2.

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