Everbridge is an Emergency Notification System used by the Medical Center Emergency Management Department and UCSF IT. Everbridge is used to send notifications to individuals or groups, using lists, locations, and visual intelligence. This system keeps everyone informed before, during and after events (ex. Major disaster, Employee strike, etc.). 

Getting an Everbridge Account

If you are an employee of the Medical Center or UCSF IT, you will automatically have an account.

Adding Your Personal Contact Information

Adding Your Personal Contact Information

In the event of a disaster, like a hospital fire, it may be difficult to reach you via your work modalities (ex. Work phone, cell and email). To ensure we are able to contact you during an emergency, we would like to highly encourage you update or add your personal contact information in the Everbridge Member Portal and download the Everbridge Mobile app. 

In the Everbridge Member Portal, you can:

  • Add your personal cell phone, email, home and more
  • Enable SMS text messaging
  • Set your contact preference order (ex. Send SMS text messaging first, then call cell)

To Access the Everbridge Member Portal:

To Access the Everbridge Member Portal:

 You must be an employee of the UCSF Medical Center or UCSF IT in order to login to the Member Portal.

 1. Login to 

 2. In the App Name column, click the Everbridge Member Portal 

  • In the My Profile section, click the Edit link to make changes to your contact information (ex. Add email, cell phone and contact order preferences)
  • In the My Locations section, click the Edit link to add or edit your home or work location contact information
  • In the My Information section, click the Edit link to verify your information is correct. If changes are needed, contact your HR representative. This information is automatically pulled from our Human Resources database.

To Install Everbridge Mobile App:

For more information regarding the Everbridge app, please visit the Everbridge website at: This app can be used by all Everbridge users.

1. Download Everbridge from the Google Play or iTunes App Store
2. Open Everbridge on your mobile device
3. Click ‘Find an organization or subscription'
4. Type case-sensitive keyword [email protected] and select [email protected]
5. Enter your MyAccess Single Sign-On Username and Password
6. Review settings, then click Done

To Install ManageBridge Mobile App:

For more information regarding the ManageBridge app, please visit the Everbridge website at: This app can only be used by Everbridge users that have a special role designated for sending emergency notifications.

1. Download ManageBridge from the Google Play or iTunes App Store
2. Click the Enable Single Sign-On link
3. Enter the Key Phrase [email protected]
4. Login with your MyAccess account username and password

To Sign Up for Nixle:

1. From your mobile phone, text UCSF 333111.

Everbridge Training Options:

Everbridge University: As an Everbridge Group Manager, you can learn about the best practices for sending notifications by taking Everbridge University free self-paced courses. To access the Everbridge University courses:

  • Login to MyAccess and select Everbridge Manager Portal (you must have an Everbridge Manager account)
  • In the top left menu, click 'Help & Support' and 'Everbridge University'
  • Click the Everbridge University link to access course material

Department Training: An IT trainer can be scheduled to conduct training for your department on how to send emergency notifications. Training sessions usually take 30 minutes. To schedule a department training session, please email [email protected].

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q: How do I update my work contact information?

A: Everbridge has a daily feed of work contact information from the UCSF Human Resources database.

To update your work contact information:

1. Go to

2. Type your name in the Search field and click the People Search button

3. Navigate to your record

4. Click the Edit My Record button

5. Make changes and click the Save Changes button

6. Your changes will be automatically sent to Everbridge and will be automatically updated during the next business day.

Q: How do I update my personal contact information?

A: You can make changes to your personal contact information by accessing the Everbridge Member Portal. For instructions, click here

Q: What do I do if MyAccess SSO is down and I need to send a notification out?
A: Login with your AD username and password at If you don't know your AD username and password, you can call the Everbridge Operator (24 hours/7 days a week) at 866-436-4911 and request they send a notification on your behalf.

Q: How do I know if an Everbridge notification is legitimate?

A: There are a few ways to verify the legitimacy of Everbridge notifications:

  • Contact UCSF Health Emergency Management at [email protected]
  •  Contact the IT Service Desk for assistance

Q. How do I reset my password for Everbridge Manager Portal?

A. Instructions:

  1.  Go to:
  2. Click the Forget my password link
  3. Type in your case-sensitive Username
  4. Answer your security question and click the Next button
  5. Go to your UCSF email account and locate Forgot Password email from University of California San Francisco Medical Center <[email protected]>
  6. Copy the Temporary Password
  7. Go to:
  8. Type in your case-sensitive Username
  9. Type in or paste your Temporary Password and click the Sign-in button
  10. Type in the Temporary Password into the Current Password Box
  11. Type in your new password in the New Password and Confirm New Password fields and click the Continue button
  12. You should now be logged in!

Everbridge Roles


Role Name Description
Account Admin Contract administrator. Account Administrators can access all functionality available at the Account level and Organization level.
Organizational Admin
At the organization level, there are many roles. You can have access to multiple depending on your role.
Organization Admin- responsible for a Mass Notification organization. Can access all functionality available to the organization. They can add groups in their individual organizations.
Group Manager Can manage and send notifications to predefined sets of contacts. Can access the following tabs: Dashboard, Universe, Notifications, Contacts, and Reports. Group managers can perform actions within their own groups. A group manager cannot edit the organization settings.
Dispatcher Users of this role can manage and send notification templates, manage scheduled notifications, and manage active notifications. Dispatchers can access functionality at the Organization level to the following Mass notification tabs: Dashboard, Universe and Notifications
Data Manager Users of this role can only manage contact records (add, edit, and remove). Data managers can access functionality at the Organization level to the following mass notification tabs: Contacts and Reports.
Mass Notification Operator Users of this role can send predefined notification templates and can manage active notifications. Mass Notification Operators can access functionality at the Organization level to the following mass notification tabs: Notifications.


Everbridge is available to all Med Center and UCSF IT employees. The cost of Everbridge is covered by the Medical Center Emergency Management Department and UCSF IT.


Everbridge is available for use at all times except when there are scheduled maintenance events.

For help, questions, or support issues:

Submit a ticket at, or

  • Call the UCSF IT Service Desk at 415-514-4100

Everbridge is accessed online via the MyAccess Single Signon System:

  • For Everbridge Admins, in MyAccess, select 'Everbridge Manager Portal'
  • For regular users, in MyAccess, select 'Everbridge Member Portal'


Document Name Link (Must login via MyAccess Account)
Everbridge Permissions Grid
Security Everbridge Notification Architecture
Security Everbridge Notification Template Details
Med Center Everbridge Notification Template for Standby, Situation Status and All Clear
Everbridge Restore Settings (For Administrators only)
Everbridge Backup Data (For Administrators only)
Everbridge ManageBridge Mobile App (For Administrators and Group Managers only) - How to install and configure




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