MyAccess Account Activation

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Go to

  • Go to
  • Select Get MyAccess from the menu on the left-side of the screen

MyAccess Home Page Credit:
MyAccess Home Page

Follow the instructions on the screen

  • Enter your email address
    • For students this is the email address provided by the UCSF Registrar
    • All others use the email address found in the Campus online directory



Click Submit

and you will will see a message similar to the following

Once you click Submit, you will see a message confirming that your MyAccess information has been sent to the specified

email address




Check your email

  • You will receive an email from MyAccess with a subject of MyAccess Account Activation
  • Click the link in the email to go to the MyAccess Account Management page
  • Enter your MyAccess ID (provided in your activation email)
  • Enter your temporary password (also provided in your activation email)
  • Click Login


Reset Temporary Password

Upon successful login you will be prompted to reset your temporary password

  • Type in your New Password in the New Password field
  • Confirm your New Password in the Re-enter New Password field
  • Click Submit
  • Wait while the password change takes effect


Select and Set Challenge Questions

You will be presented with the Manage My Challenge Questions Screen. On this screen you will be enabling self-service password management by responding to six of the twelve challenge questions. Challenge responses are not case sensitive.

  • Type your response to six challenge questions.
  • Click Submit

Note: You must respond to exactly 6 challenge questions, if you respond to more than 6 or fewer than 6, an error message will be returned and you will need to try again.

  • The questions and responses returned will be used by MyAccess to manage your account 
  • Click Submit


Start using MyAccess Single Sign-On

You have successfully activated your MyAccess account, and you can now start using Single-Sign-On.