What is SmartSheet?

SmartSheet is a UCSF-supported cloud-based collaborative project and task management tool that is accessible via MyAccess.  No restricted data (PCI, PHI, PII, FERPA) allowed.


Do I need a license, and if so, how much does it cost and how do I get one?

You need a license to create and own sheets.  If you do not have a license, you can still view and edit sheets that a licensed user has shared with you.

Licenses are recharged per user - you cannot get a discount for a group or department.  

The annual cost is $162/year per user, which is currently pro-rated at $98.09 through June 2018.  

Sign up by filling out the SmartSheet Request Form.  


How do I learn about the features that will help me get my work done more efficiently?

SmartSheet Onboarding Video

SmartSheet Essentials Video

SmartSheet Advanced Training Video


What is a SmartSheet Sight and how can I get one?

A SmartSheet Sight is a dashboard or hub for all of your SmartSheet content.  A Sight can help you visualize, summarize, and share important aspects of your work such as project status or other milestones. 

UCSF's SmartSheet instance does not cover Sights, but you can purchase a Sight license as an add-on.  

Pricing for Sights depends on how many Sight licenses are purchased at one time.  Prices below are for a year, but the actual pricing will be pro-rated for a year that ends in June 2018.

1-2: $415 each

3-9: $270 each

10+: $208 each

To purchase, open a ticket with the Service Desk for the UCSF SmartSheet team.



Where do I go for support?

Open a ticket with the Service Desk.