IT Security Awareness

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Welcome to the new IT Security Awareness Site.  Each month we focus on a new IT Security topic. Taling the quiz at theend of each article enters you into  monthly drawings for grand prizes and most months you also get a gift just for taking the quiz. 

February: Beware of tax scams!

Tax season is upon us and fraudsters are already sending deceitful e-mail messages that look like legitimate tax communications. Don’t become another victim!

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The link to the quiz is at the end of the full article. This month's prize is a stress ball because UCSF IT Security can't stress enough: don't fall for tax related phishing scams!

January: Secure your data

Data is increasingly becoming UCSF’s lifeblood and most critical asset.  Concurrently, it is growing enormously in complexity and volume while regulatory requirements are becoming ever more stringent.  These factors are making managing data progressively more important to ensure data confidentiality, integrity, and availability and to optimize its usefulness.  

One way to conceptualize data protection is to describe it in terms of the data management lifecycle.

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This month's prize is a measuring tape to remind you to take the appropriate measures to secure your data.

December: Safe and secure social networking during the holidays

Social networking is fun, especially during the holidays. You can stay connected to friends and keep in touch with people you rarely see in person. However, there are precautions that you need to follow in order to keep you and UCSF safe and secure, especially when you work in a healthcare environment where protecting patient privacy is paramount.

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This month's prize is a can/bottle opener to remind you to never "open a can of worms".


November: Tips to protect your information during the holiday online shopping season

Online shopping continues to grow in popularity. Last year’s Cyber Monday was the biggest online shopping day in the history of the US. When you shop in person, it's habit to lock the car, and put away your cash or credit card when you’re done with your purchase. Similar habits can protect you, your purchases, and your identity when you're shopping online during the holiday season and year-round. Link to full article and quiz.

This month's prize is the coveted UCSF IT Security Awareness tote bag.

October: Dispose of data properly!

Secure disposal is the process of rendering data unreadable by any means whether it's paper or electronic. At the end of the useful life of any type of storage media from paper to computers, it is all of our responsibility to dispose of it properly.

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This month's prize is coin tissues to remind you to dispose of data properly!

September: Be alert for cybersecurity scams as the school year begins!

The new school year is an exciting time for hackers, identity thieves, and other unscrupulous types who take advantage of people during this busy time of year. Watch out for typical beginning-of-the-year scams, and follow good habits to help you stay safe.

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This month's prize is an insulated lunch-bag, while supplies last, to remind you to not let the bad-guys eat your lunch. There are a limited number of lunch-bags.  Once we are out, the lunch-bag will be relpaced with another item.


August: Don't let a phishing scam reel you In!

Cybercriminals use phishing—a type of social engineering—to manipulate people into doing what they want. Technology makes phishing easy. Setting up and operating a phishing attack is fast, inexpensive, and low risk: any cybercriminal with an e-mail address can launch one. Students, staff, and faculty have all suffered losses from phishing. Knowing what you're up against can help you be more secure. Here are a few things you can do to guard against phishing attacks...

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This month's prize is Swedish Fish to remind you to not let a phishing scheme reel you in!

July: Reduce the risk of malware!

Malware presents a direct threat to devices and data and can be used to delete, damage, or steal data. It can also create backdoors into our secure environments, potentially leading to security breaches and large punitive fines, all of which can impact patient care and make critical UCSF systems unavailable. This month's article explains how people get infected and what they can do to reduce the risk and impacts.

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This months prize for passing the quiz is hand sanitizer to remind everyone to keep a clean machine.

June: Follow UCSF Policies to comply with critical state, federal, and international regulations

In recent years, due to the enormous growth in the use of technology and risks to its associated data, regulations that protect the security and privacy of data are on the rise. UCSF is subject to many of these regulations. UC has developed IT security policies that address the requirements of these regulations.

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This months prize for passing the quiz is a pot holder to remind you that IT security policies help you plan your recipe for great cybersecurity.

May: Travel securely and safely

For many of us, having a cell phone or other electronic device is an integral part of daily life, whether at home or on the road. In addition, traveling today is so much easier with technology; you can stay productive, entertained, and in touch. Unfortunately, traveling with devices can mean increased cyber risks for keeping your personal and UCSF information private, as well as increased potential for device theft.

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April: Software updates

More coming soon....

March: Stay Secure: The UCSF IT Security Suite

UCSF provides security software to help keep data, networks, and computer systems safe and secure. Learn how to Keep your data safe and Secure.

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This months prize is a safety flashlight, whistle and compass Keychain to remind you to keep your data safe and secure!!