IT Field Services Depot

The ITFS Depot streamlines the process of ordering a computer. We maintain an inventory of standard equipment available for purchase. We’ll handle your order from start to finish and can usually deliver your computer to you quickly. If you don’t see what you need, we can still help; just submit a ticket and we will be in contact.

Important Information About Ordering UCSF Macs

All UCSF Macs must be purchased from our authorized vendor (CDW-G) through BearBuy as CDW-G has all the required information to register the computer with Apple as “sold directly to UCSF”, thereby granting UCSF ownership rights to the computer.  This is critically important when UCSF IT is tasked to assist with clearing the computer’s Activation Lock with Apple, which Apple will deny if UCSF cannot produce proof-of-ownership that is acceptable to Apple’s rules.  Activation Lock triggers whenever the computer is fully erased and re-installed.  If the Mac was secured with a user’s iCloud account, then the computer cannot be re-installed until either that particular iCloud user logs in to the computer or delete the computer’s record from his/her iCloud account (instructions available by clicking here) unless the computer was registered as “sold directly to UCSF” with Apple by our vendors, in which UCSF automatically has the required proof-of-ownership to request Apple to help clear the Activation Lock remotely without further questions.



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