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ChatGPT/Open AI usage at UCSF

  • Author: Tanya Jansen

  • Date:

There is a great deal of interest within the UCSF community to explore OpenAI / ChatGPT and other Large Language Models in the academic, research, clinical, and administrative areas of the university.   

UCSF IT is actively working in collaboration with our Privacy, Procurement, and Legal teams to enable our first foray into this technology through UCSF’s Microsoft Azure cloud environment using the Azure OpenAI service.  We expect to offer this as a secure and approved service in a phased manner beginning in August 2023.   

In the meanwhile, until a secure and compliant solution is in place, do not use these technologies with sensitive UCSF data including identified or de-identified patient data, personnel data, confidential data, or otherwise sensitive UCSF data.    

For additional guidance and updates, please reference the Data Protection and Large Language Models webpage. (MyAccess login required)