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GitHub Launched at UCSF

GitHub, a leading open-source platform for software developers, is now available for free at UCSF. Follow the steps below to request access to GitHub via the UCSF GitHub Enterprise Program. 

TL;DR - Use GitHub to increase team collaboration, encourage code review, create DevOps workflows, avoid PHI breaches and more.

GitHub Account Options

  1. GitHub Enterprise On-Premises Server (GHE Server) - This secure instance, hosted at, is approved for code that may have PHI and other P3 or P4 data.
  2. GitHub Enterprise Cloud (GHE Cloud) - Best suited for teams that need to collaborate with users outside of UCSF. Unlike the free version of GitHub Public Cloud, this instance provides all enterprise features, and it also allows using your existing GitHub Public Cloud login if you prefer.
GitHub options

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This program is brought to UCSF via IT Governance roadmap funding