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Support Status for New Apple Laptops with M2 Chips

UCSF IT Desktop Engineering completed testing required security software configuration on MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13” with M2 chips and found no noticeable issues.

Effective immediately, MacBook Air M2 and MacBook Pro 13” with M2 chip are officially supported by UCSF IT Field Services.

We also want to share the following differences between the new MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with M2 chips:

MacBook Air M2:

Features MagSafe 3, two Thunderbolt/USB-4 ports and one 3.5 mm headphone jack


MacBook Pro 13" with M2 Chip:

No MagSafe 3, one 3.5 mm headphone jack and only two Thunderbolt/USB-4 ports


Additional Information:

All UCSF Macs must be purchased from UCSF’s authorized vendor (CDW-G) through BearBuy so the vendor can register them with Apple as directly sold to UCSF.  This gives UCSF ownership rights when IT needs to request Apple to help clear device locks.  Otherwise, we cannot assist with resolving locked devices because Apple does not accept UCSF reimbursement records as proof of ownership to devices in question.

If you have any questions about this announcement, please submit them via our web form at and we will route it to our Desktop Engineering team to respond.