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Switch to New Microsoft Teams

Beginning March 19th, 2024, UCSF-owned computers will be automatically updated to Microsoft's new Teams, providing a faster and easier user experience.* Following are the changes you will experience with the new Microsoft Teams:  

  • A faster app optimized for performance (e.g., two times faster, while using 50% less memory) on multiple platforms
  • A simpler user experience that makes it easier to do more in fewer clicks
  • Contacts feature has been renamed as the People Icon
  • Activity Chat will no longer be available
  • Wiki will no longer be accessible via Teams

You can also opt to begin using the new Microsoft Teams before March 19th. Making the switch is simple; this video will walk you through the process for both PC and Mac:  

If you would like more information about the process for configuring the new version of Microsoft Teams, please refer to the Teams Frequently Asked Questions page.

If you encounter any issues after switching to the new version of Microsoft Teams, please try restarting your workstation. 

Need help? Contact the Service Desk

*Please note: Microsoft's Classic Teams will be automatically removed from UCSF-owned computers at a future date.