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The UC Cybersecurity Awareness Course is an Annual Requirement. Complete it and You Could Win One of Five Amazon $50 Gift Cards Given Out Each Month!

  • Author: Esther Silver

  • Date:

All UCSF Faculty, Staff, and Students must annually complete the UC Cyber Fundamentals Awareness Course on the UC Learning Management System (LMS).

In response to feedback, last year, the UC Cyber Fundamentals Awareness Course was updated. It is a now a lecture-style presentation versus video with voice-over. The instructor is an engaging, actual hacker addressing the most relevant security issues facing the UC community.

Since cybersecurity threats continue to be one of the biggest risks to healthcare and higher education, IT is constantly working to defend our network and systems from attacks - but protecting our organization is a shared responsibility requiring vigilance from all of us.

You can help by completing the course when you receive the assignment from the LMS. If you are a supervisor or a manager, you can encourage your team to complete the course and ensure the compliance rate for your unit is at least 90%. If you are unsure of how to check your unit’s compliance rate, please open a request using the UC Learning Center Support Form.

To encourage everyone to complete the new course when assigned, each month we will be randomly selecting five people from everyone with “current” status on their UC Cyber Fundamentals Awareness Course assignment to win a $50 Amazon Gift Card.  Here’s how to check your status on the annual training requirement:

  • Click on the UC Learning Center link in MyAccess
  • Click on “UC Learning Center Login” from the UC Learning Center page
  • Click on “Required Training”
  • Check the Status of “eCourse: UC Cyber Security Awareness Fundamentals”

With the increasing cybersecurity threats of today’s changing world, it is critical that everyone knows how to recognize attacks and what to do when they happen, so please complete the course - and encourage your colleagues to do so, too!