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Blue Coat (Web Proxy)

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How to Request Access

Symantec Blue Coat is  a web proxy. no access required.


Blue Coat is a tool to keep people away from dangerous websites. When a computing device on the Medical Center network tries to access a website that falls under the Phishing, Botnets or Spam categories, the user will be redirected to a custom exception page indicating that the website is blocked.

Blue Coat sometimes produces a "false positive" result for a site, meaning that although Blue Coat flags it as illegitimate, it is providing a valid service. Customer Support can notify the appropriate ITS business units to exempt sites that are false positives.  

Below are sample screens that Blue Coat typically exhibits and any web browser will display when visiting an illegitimate website.


Server not found (the issue is not related to Blue Coat)



Blue Coat has actively blocked the website