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DocuSign allows a user to grant other users the ability to view their DocuSign folders (inbox, sent folder, deleted, and any others).

To enable another user to see your folders, complete this DocuSign request form.

Note that if you grant someone else access to your folder, you are giving that person access to view EVERYTHING in your DocuSign folders.

Follow the instructions below if someone has given you access to their folders and you would like to access them.

  1. Once someone has opened a ticket and given you access to their folders, you can access them by opening your MANAGE tab and clicking the Shared Envelopes button. This will open a Shared Envelopes pop up window.
  2. Select the user whose files you would like to access and click the SELECT button. You will gain access to their folders and will be able to navigate through it as if it were your own DocuSign account. When you are ready to return to your own DocuSign folders, click the Return to my envelopes link.