Encryption Variance Request for individuals

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Click here to fill out a Proof of encryption form.

Please note that BigFix must also be installed to register your computer asset's serial number into our Service Now database. look for BigFix on that page.


IT Security requires the following information to approve an encryption variance request.


  • Device User/Owner name and signature
  • Name of item Manufacturer, Model 
and Serial Number
  • Encryption Method
  • Recovery Key

Please note that Macs and Windows that use the built-in encryption methods (FileVault or BitLocker) can use DDPE to manage encryption keys instead of using the Encryption Variance Form.

You can download DDPE for Mac or Dell Encryption Enterprise BitLocker Manager from

IT provides 24/7 support for key escrow/passphrase recovery for supported encryption products. IT does not provide this for alternate encryption methods; this is the department or individual’s responsibility.