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Using Electronic Mailing Lists (Listserv)

Request a new UCSF Listserv

Due to the proliferation of numerous and varied listservs, requests for a new listserv must be accompanied by a business justification and unit-head sign-off. Listservs not used with a year’s time will be automatically deactivated and removed.

More Listserv Information

Important: Do not post protected data to a Listserv

UCSF Information Technology Services hosts electronic mailing lists (listservs) for the UCSF community to support and promote the mission of the University: teaching, research, patient care, and community service. Listserv owners must be UCSF faculty, students or staff. Below are links to information pertaining to listservs at UCSF.


Listserv is available to all members of the UCSF community free of charge.


Listserv is available for use at all times except when there are scheduled maintenance events.

Getting Help

For listserv help, questions, or support issues:

Policy Information

University of California Electronic Communications Policy (ECP)

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