General Information

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The are four basic types of UCSF listservs:

  • Academic Listservs

    These are used primarily by the Chancellor's Office, the Executive Vice Chancellor's Office and the Academic Senate to communicate with the academic community at UCSF.  Subscription to many of these listservs is automatic based on predetermined payroll criteria.  It is not possible to manually add an employee to an automated listserv.
  • Administrative Listservs

    These are used by UCSF Administration to communicate with the UCSF community.  Most of these communications are meant to be shared with other employees, but because every employee does not have email access, recipients may need to print email communications to share them with such employees. See more...
  • Computing and Application Related Listservs

    These are used to communicate information on computing and technical issues, UCSF applications, software, etc. See more...
  • General Use Listservs

    These are available to and used by any person or group actively associated with UCSF. Their purpose is to assist in serving the mission of UCSF and to assist in serving the faculty, staff and/or students who are serving the UCSF mission. There are currently more than 700 Listservs used by the UCSF community.
    General use listservs must be owned by at least one current member of the UCSF faculty, staff or students.  Student-owned listservs must have a sponsor.  For Registered Campus Organizations (RCOs), Office of Student Life may sponsor the listservs.  For all other student-owned listservs, a current faculty or staff member must be the sponsor.