General Information

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  • To post to a listserv, an authorized poster sends email to:
  • Include a meaningful Subject line.
  • When applicable, request that the message be circulated to those without email.
  • Keep the email brief; include a link to a web page if detailed information is required.
  • Avoid attachments except small PDF documents. Provide a link to a web page for any other documents.
  • Limit the size of the message to 4MB, including all attachments. Messages larger than 4MB will not be processed by the Listserv server and will bounce back to the sender.
  • Generally, send the email as plain text only. Stylized and HTML text formats and graphical web pages can be sent, but may requires special technical skills.. 
  • To ensure that all recipients receive a notice in the format and style the sender intended, it is recommended that more complexly formatted notices be posted to the web and a link to that web page be sent to the listserv.
  • When applicable, indicate on whose behalf the message is being sent and specify whom to reply to with comments or questions.
  • Confirmation request delays or posting delays of more than ten minutes should be reported to the IT Service Desk.