ARF: Account Request Form (Campus, SOM, ZSFG/SFGH) - How to Approve requests

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If you have been selected to approve a request generated from the "ARF: Account Request Form (Campus, SOM, ZSFG/SFGH)" at, there are 2 ways to review the request to either approve or deny it.  Upon submission, youi should have received an email from our system with an option to either deny or approve the request.  If you did not receive this email, you can also review all requests pending your approval to either deny or approve by follosing the instructions below.

How to approve ARF requests online:

Go to You may be prompted to log into the site using your Network Logon/Email credentials or your MyAccess account. Once logged in, click “View My Tickets”.


In the “View My Tickets” screen, click the “My Approvals” tab to load a list of all Requests that are pending your approval.



Click the “Requested” link next to the request you would like to view and approve to get details on that request.



To view the details of the request, you can click in the Description field. Once the request has been reviewed, you can either approve or deny the request by clicking the appropriate buttons.