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New Feature When Setting Up University-Managed Macs

Starting on Monday, April 22, 2024, UCSF IT will implement an added security feature for the following University-managed Macs that were purchased through UCSF:

  • First time setups such as new computers
  • Existing computers that are fully erased and macOS re-installed
  • Existing computers that have ran a process called "Erase all contents and settings" and is back to factory setup condition

This added feature does not apply to existing Macs currently in use until they're erased or reset by you or an IT staff at UCSF.

When any of the above condition applies, the following will eventually display on the computer screen:

ADFS SSO during Jamf PreStaged MDM Enrollment


When the above screen shows, just simply follow the on-screen instructions to log in with your UCSF email address and password or your UCSF AD domain\username and password.  The account you use is required to be enabled for Duo authentication if the computer is not connected to UCSF's internal network.

Users who require technical assistance with setting up their University-managed computers should reach out to their designated IT support team at UCSF or visit our website at (MyAccess login required) and select "Get IT Help" to file an IT support request online or call the Service Desk at the phone number published on our website to request help setting up your University-managed Mac computer.