Advanced IT Security Training on the UCSF Learning Management System

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Advanced IT Security Training on the UCSF Learning Management System

UCSF Employees who manage IT systems or develop software need to have the necessary skills to carry out their duties effectively and securely. IT security risk is as much a human issue as it is a technology issue. The Advanced IT Security Training now available on the UCSF Learning Management System provides technical training to help improve people’s knowledge and skillsets to protect UCSF’s electronic assets.

To ensure the training covered all of the critical control areas, courses were mapped to the CIS Controls for Effective Cyber Defense, a recommended set security controls that provide specific and actionable ways to stop today's most pervasive and dangerous attacks (see PDF below). The controls are derived from the most common attack patterns highlighted in the leading threat reports and vetted across a very broad community of government and industry practitioners. Please use this table to identify courses to enhance your skills within different control areas. In addition, we have included course descriptions for the mapped courses. (see PDF below).

There are also courses that prepare you to pass professional certifications that can enhance your career. Examples include training for the CISSP, CompTIA A+ and various Oracle, Cisco and VMware certifications. For more information, please go to:



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