Access Stats

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If you were wondering which collaborators had been previewing or downloading your file, Box has an Access Stats feature which allows you to view your file's access history.

Accessing via Stats Logo

  1. Click the number to the right of the bar chart logo under your file name. The number next to it dictates how many times the file has been accessed by a collaborator who is not the owner.
  2. This will take you to the file’s Access Stats. You can see when a folder has been previewed or downloaded and by whom.

Accessing via Properties

  1. Another way to view your Access Stats is to select the button next to your file, scroll down to Properties, and click Access Stats.

Access Stats FAQs

  • When I looked in the Access Stats of one of my files, it showed that I had accessed my file on a day when I wasn't in office. What happened?

A lot of the actions made by services, such as Box Edit, Box Sync, and CipherCloud, are displayed as being performed by the user. There is a way for us to check our logs to see if a file had been accessed by a user or a service. If you are worried, you can open a ticket and ask us to check if your file had been accessed by a person or a service.

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