Box Notes

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Box Notes is a browser application built into UCSF Box. It is similar to a Word document except that it allows multiple users to make changes to it in real-time at the same time. Follow the directions below to create a Box Note.

Do NOT place PHI into a Box Note or place a Box Note into your secure folder.

Once a Box Note has been encrypted, it is impossible to open. After CipherCloud decrypts a file, it then attempts to open it with the most suitable application installed on your computer. Because Box Notes is a Box web application which can only be opened directly in the browser, you will get an error. The only thing you can do is revert it to its previous version.
  1. Create a Box Note by clicking the icon in your UCSF Box account. It will bring up a new tab for a Box Notes document. Please see the following screenshot. As you make changes to the document, your initials will follow the line you are making changes to. When multiple users are working on it, you will see multiple initials to designate who is updating what. You do not need to save it since it actively saves every change you make in real-time.

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