Folder Settings

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As a folder owner, you can control how your collaborators view and manage the files in your folder.

  1. You can access these properties by selecting the button for that file or folder, scrolling down to Properties, and then selecting Settings.
  • Invitation Restrictions – Choose who can collaborate in this folder and how they can join.
  • Commenting – Disable and hide comments on content in this folder.
  • Shared Link Access – Restrict who can access this folder via shared links.
  • Invitation Link – Use the generated link to invite collaborators into this folder with a specific permission level. This feature can only be enabled and disabled by folder owners, and is automatically disabled when collaboration is restricted to within your company.
  • Watermark Folder – Watermarking places a semi-transparent overlay of the current viewer's user name and time of access across a document's contents to deter unauthorized sharing. If turned on, it will apply to all images, text-based documents and presentations in this folder and subfolders.
  • Email Uploads – Allow people in this folder to upload files via email.
  • Delete or Unshare – Set a date to automatically delete or unshare this folder.
  • Notifications – Control the frequency and type of email updates generated from this folder.
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