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Box is available on many mobile platforms. For detailed information and apps downloads, see Box's Mobile Apps here. For more information on UCSF minimum security standards as cited in the UCSF Information Security and Confidentiality Policy 650-16, click here.


Mobile App FAQs

  • Can I edit encrypted files on my mobile device?

You can access encrypted files on your mobile device as long as you have the CipherCloud app installed. To edit a file once CipherCloud has opened it, use the open in icon in the lower left to select an application which can open the file for editing. Please note, this will put an unencrypted copy of the file on your mobile device. As with all mobile applications, your ability to edit the file depends on which apps you have installed. You may only have the option to import or copy a file into an application to edit it, so if you need to make edits we recommend doing this from a computer instead. This will ensure that you are not saving unencrypted copies of restricted data on your mobile device.

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