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There is a possibility that you or a collaborator who shares access to your folder might have accidentally deleted your files. You can try finding them in the Trash folder of your Box account. This is not the same as your desktop’s Recycle Bin for Windows or Trash for Macs. Your Recycle Bin for Windows and Trash for Macs are stored locally on your computer while the files on your Box account are stored in the cloud.

  1. First, log in to UCSF Box. You can do this either via MyAccess or via Click on the downward arrow next to All Files to bring down the drop-down list of all of your files. Scroll down all the way to the bottom of your drop-down list to locate your Trash folder. Click it.
  2. Look for your missing files or folders in your Trash.
    It is possible that the missing file could be located within a deleted folder. When an entire folder is deleted, Box Trash only displays the folder name and the number of files within it, but not the individual file names. You will need to restore the entire folder to see the exact files in it.
  3. If you still cannot find your files, it is possible that your file could have been deleted by a collaborator who shares access to your folders. You can find files you own that were deleted by a collaborator by clicking Items I Own. You will see the name of the person who deleted your file under the Updated column next to the Name column. If you did not delete the file and did not own it, you will need to check with everyone who was an editor, owner, or co-owner of the file or its folder and have them check to see if it is in their Trash.
  4. Once you have found your files, you can either restore every single deleted file or folder in your Trash by clicking the Restore All button, or you can restore individual files or folders by selecting the checkboxes next to your files and folders and then clicking the Restore button.

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