Report a Security Incident

Please report any information security problems or potential problems immediately. Timely reporting will allow us to determine if further investigation is necessary and to limit any further damage or loss of data.

Be ready to provide specifics such as date/time of loss, type of device(s), contact information, and any specific information that you believe indicates that a device was breached, a computer security incident occurred or a device was lost or stolen.

Contact UCSF Service Desk to report an information security problem or a possible information security problem.

Reporting a Lost or Stolen Computing Device

All lost or stolen computing devices must be immediately reported to the UCSF Police Department.

Incident Information

An outline of the requirements for information security incident investigations at UCSF are in Addendum C of policy 650-16. Effective incident response is essential in mitigating damage and loss due to an information security incident. Proper handling minimizes the disruption to workflow and ensures compliance to Federal, State, and University laws, rules, regulations, and policies. This document satisfies the requirement in BFB IS-3, Information Security for Incident Response Procedures. Please see UCSF's Incident Investigation Procedures - an attachment to Addendum C.