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Zoom Releases: Whiteboard and Document Sharing

We are excited to announce the release of two new Zoom enhancements: Whiteboard and Document Sharing. Zoom’s Whiteboard and Document Sharing features offer numerous benefits that enhance collaboration, engagement, and productivity during virtual meetings. The visual nature of Whiteboard promotes clearer communication and facilitates real-time collaboration. Document Sharing allows you to easily share files in chat and during a meeting from your Microsoft OneDrive and Microsoft SharePoint files in Zoom. You can also share a local file from your system instead of using a file-sharing integration.

Whiteboard sharing in Zoom allows participants to collaborate visually in real-time. Key benefits include: 

  • Enhanced Communication: Whiteboard sharing enables participants to express their ideas visually through drawings, diagrams, and annotations. This promotes clearer communication, especially when dealing with complex concepts or brainstorming sessions. 
  • Real-Time Collaboration: With the ability to share a whiteboard, participants can collaborate simultaneously, making it easier to work together on projects, solve problems, and visualize concepts.  

Zoom’s Document Sharing feature allows sharing files, documents, or relevant resources, making it easier to distribute information and collaborate on shared materials. This feature streamlines document sharing and eliminates the need for separate email threads or file transfers. This feature allows participants to access their files directly from Microsoft Office suite, collaborate on them in Zoom, and save the updated version back to the original location.