UCSF 650-16 Addendum D - Wireless Networks

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I. Introduction

The use of wireless networking provides a more versatile way to access the Internet, broadening the scope of mobile computing. With the added benefits of a wireless network, there comes additional responsibility and additional risk. Authorized Users must be aware of the inherent security issues that exist in a wireless environment. Caution must be exercised to ensure a safe, secure, and reliable computing environment and reduce the risk of a security incident.

II. Scope

The document and the Wireless Network and Security standard are intended for all departments within the campus community. Non-UCSF owned devices, including personal or externally funded devices, are expected to meet this standard when used to store or process UCSF information or connect to the UCSF network to conduct UCSF business.

III. Exceptions

Departments, units, or individuals who believe that their devices require configurations that do not comply with this standard need to apply for an exception with the Security & policy (S&P) office.

IV. Enforcement

Wireless networks and devices found to be non-compliant and without an exception on file are subject to being disconnected from the UCSF network and prohibited from connecting to UCSF resources.

Wireless networks have the potential to cause network conflicts, degrading or denying service to other Authorized Users. When conflicts arise, they should be resolved as best as possible in a collaborative fashion between the affected parties with the University’s best interest in mind.

Conflicts that are not or cannot be resolved must be brought the S&P office for resolution. Wireless networks and devices may be removed from the network if it is deemed to be in the University’s best interest.

V. Wireless Networking and Security Standard

The Wireless Networking and Security Standard is reviewed, updated for applicability and approved on an annual basis at a minimum or as needed when determined by the S&P office. The standard can be found in the document, Wireless Networking and Security Standard. All wireless networks and devices must remain compliant with this standard. S&P is responsible for promulgating any changes to the standard to the campus community.