Comparison of Survey Tools at UCSF


With so many survey tools available to use at UCSF, which one best fits my needs?  Here are highlights of available tools and our recommendations:


  • Recommendation: Administrative surveys and academic research
  • Highlights
    • Compliance for HIPAA and FERPA
    • Enabled with MyAccess for single sign-on
    • Compatibility for mobile phones and tablets
    • Support for 48 languages
    • Checking for ADA compliance
    • Robust collaboration capabilities
    • Group panels allowing longitudinal studies
    • Action-based triggers
    • Robust reporting tools
    • Integration with Salesforce
    • Programmatic access via APIs
    • Robust vendor support


  • Recommendation: Single-site and multi-site research studies
  • Highlights
    • Secure and HIPAA-Compliant Electronic Data Capture Tool
    • Data hosted by UCSF
    • Compatibility with mobile phones and tablets
    • Programmatic access via API
    • Single click deidentification for data export
    • Granular user permission scheme and data access groups
    • Flexible data export capabilities ito a variety of formats
    • Flexible data import capabilities
    • Active REDCap Consortuim comprosed of 400+ institutions world-wide
    • Available for use by UCSF researchers and their external collaborators
    • Supports the use of data entry forms attached to a survey to enable research teams to securely collect data on survey respondents on forms that are tied to individual survey respondents
    • Supports longitudinal databases
    • Offers data quality checking capabilities
    • Intuitive interface to build data entry forms and surveys in a self-service model
    • Monthly in-person and webinar training classes offered by UCSF


Survey Monkey, Survey Gizmo, Zoomerang, etc

  • Recommendation: Personal surveys not related to UCSF business
  • Highlights
    • Free, feature-limited versions available (ie. 10 question, 100 response limit per survey, etc)


You can download a matrix comparison chart for more details.