Qualtrics Division Guidelines and Recommendations


Individuals who sign up for a UCSF Qualtrics account have the option of being assigned to a Division based on their affiliation with UCSF.  Please contact your department or school coordinator for more information regarding division affiliation.


Benefits of being affiliated with a Division:

  • Endorsement and branding.
  • Collaboration (sharing of questions, survey, skins, user panels, etc.).
  • CHR guidelines for research surveys, if applicable.
  • Guidelines and best practices for sound and robust data collection, depending on Division resources.


Guidelines and recommendations for Qualtrics Divisions

Assign at least one person to serve as the Division Administrator to:

  • Ensure CHR is in place prior to the implementation of research surveys.
  • Coordinate users in the Division, including setting up division- and individual-level permissions.
  • Work with the UCSF Qualtrics brand administrator to connect new users (including affiliates) to the Division
  • Configure and answer questions about collaboration.
  • Answer questions about survey policies and procedures.
  • Review division policies and guidelines periodically to ensure adherence.
  • Manage survey ownership migration for Qualtrics users who are no longer part of the division or UCSF


Additional suggestions for Qualtrics Divisions

Minimize the survey burden on the student/studied population by:

  • Agreeing to share data within Divisions as appropriate to avoid unnecessary and/or duplicate data collection.
  • Offering endorsements to encourage survey participation.
  • Ensure that surveys are administered in accordance with the applicable Division policies and procedures.
  • Determine what (if any) user panels are available to members of the Division.