Qualtrics FAQ

Q:How can I get access to Qualtrics?

A:You can login at and the system will create an account for you.

Q: My research assistant and I have been "sharing" access to our Qualtrics account that was created under by user name. How will this person be able to access the account once it has been migrated to MyAccess?

A: The best way to proceed is to create a separate account for the research assistant and to share editing privileges (survey collaboration, in Qualtrics terms) with this person.

Alternatively, this person can continue to log on to your account in the following manner:

-          Once you sign on for the first time with MyAccess, Qualtrics will ask you to enter in the account for which you currently have and want to migrate over.  The username will be your email address.

-          Once migrated, your username will become sf<the-rest-of-your-MyAccess-id>#ucsf.

-          If logging in via MyAccess via, you can use any accepted MyAccess username (Exchange username, campus active directory, MyAccess sfxxxxxx id) and your MyAccess password.

-          For the research assistant to log on (after the MyAccess account migration), the person will need to access Qualtrics through and use sf<the-rest-of-your-MyAccess-id>#ucsf and the existing password on the account. 

Q: Since Qualtrics emails to respondents original from the Qualtrics domain, what is the best approach to emailing out to UCSF listservs?

A: (Partial Answer) Email is being configured to now route through (so that it will come from a address).  [2012-03-08]

Q: Can affiliates have access to the UCSF Qualtrics instance?

A: Yes, a person can access the UCSF instance through  This will be a policy decision for the oversight committee.

Q: How can I insert a calendar widget in a survey?

A: Include the following code in the "HTML" mode. Make sure you're entering the following code into a single line, text entry question:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
Qualtrics.SurveyEngine.addOnload(function ()
  var qid = this.questionId;
  var calid = qid + '_cal';
  var y = QBuilder('div');
  var d = QBuilder('div',{className:'yui-skin-sam'},[
    QBuilder('div', {id:calid}),
  var c = this.questionContainer;
  c = $(c).down('.QuestionText');
  var cal1 = new YAHOO.widget.Calendar(calid);
  var input = $('QR~' + qid);
  $(input).setStyle({marginTop: '20px',width: '150px'});
  var p =$(input).up();
  var x = QBuilder('div');
    var date = dates[0][0];
    if (date[1] < 10)
        date[1] = '0' + date[1];
    if (date[2] < 10)
        date[2] = '0' + date[2];
    input.value = date[1] +'-'+date[2]+'-'+date[0];

Q: Do we create/promote student panels by the Class at the beginning of each academic year? If so, do we make the student panels available to all Qualtrics administrators?

A: It depends on who can create surveys on Qualtrics and whether or not they have the ability to survey students independently against division policies.

Q: Once Qualtrics is rolled out, who will be the first point of contact for training and support? Brand administrators?

A: Account-related questions can be directed to your division administrator or [email protected].  Qualtrics training, support, survey design, survey creation, and similar questions should go to [email protected].

Q:  Who grants survey admin privileges and based on what criteria?

A: All users administer their own surveys, unless a particular division determines that a workflow should be set for survey creation and distribution approval. 

Q: What do we do with existing surveys in Checkbox? There are three types:

  • Inactive surveys that are closed out
  • Active surveys with a close out date
  • Active surveys with no close out date (ongoing surveys)

Do we migrate these surveys over to Qualtrics or recreate them from scratch?

A: Surveys and survey responses can be migrated into Qualtrics.  Please contact your division administrator or [email protected] for more information.

Q: What is my "username"?  (This may be requested from Qualtrics support.)

A: After migration, it will be a combination of your MyAccess id (ie SF??????) and "#ucsf" - for example, your username will look something like sf123456#ucsf.

Q: Can block the use of custom templates/skins and advanced features (ie header/footer) for some users?  For example, we do not want to allow students to misrepresent the UCSF university by incorrectly using logos and identity.

A: Unfortunately, there is no way to make those further restrictions as you specified.

Q: What are the advanced Javascript options?

A: The link to the Qualtrics Question API can be found here:

The Question API documentation on our website contains a list of the available functions that are specific to the question objects within Qualtrics. The string "QR~QID6~1" is simply the HTML id of the first input of question QID6. The QIDs of each question can be found in Qualtrics Id's section inside your Account Settings.
You can access this menu by selecting your name in the top right, selection "Account Settings..."

And then by selecting "Qualtrics IDs" from the main toolbar.

The Qualtrics ID identifies what element you are working with on the page. I would suggest using Inspect Element for Chrome or Firebug for Firefox to make editing and debugging. Also you can access a lot of useful codes and tutorials at W3schools.

Q: How to pipe into survey item contextual user information from panel, i.e. Department of panel members?

A:  When in the piped text menu, hover over the Embedded Data option (instead of Panel Field). It will give you a text area to type in the name of your embedded data field. In your case, type in "Department", then press Enter on your keyboard. It will show the piped text code in the text area of your question and it will pull in the associated department of the user taking the survey. 

Q: How can I add workflow for survey approval?

A: The Approve Survey feature enables you to review surveys before they are activated. If a user has the permission "Activate Surveys" disabled and they try to activate a survey (which is necessary in order to distribute it), they will be prompted to request approval from a list of approvers (those with the permission to approve surveys enabled). Then, the chosen approver will see the request when they log in to their account. 

Q: How do I grant another Qualtrics user access to the data collected on my survey?

A: You can do this with the collaborate feature.  Under the 'My Surveys' tab, just click on collaborate next to the survey you wish to share.  You can share this with anyone in your brand, that is anyone with an account under UCSF.  You can also choose which permissions to allow, such as if you only want them to view the results or if you want them to be able to edit the survey.  Here is a link that explains more about collaboration.  

You may also create a group in Qualtrics to share more effectively with multiple users.

Q: How can I customize the survey skin/template with my own header logo?

A: If you have access to the generic UCSF template, you can edit the logo with your own 800 pixel x 150 pixel image:

1. Upload your image to your Qualtrics (individual or group) library

2. Go to Look and Feel and select the generic UCSF skin.  (Does not work in IE8.)

3. Then, click Advanced in Look and Feel > click "Edit" under Header > and select the image you uploaded from your Qualtrics graphic library (use the image icon near the top left)

Q: How can I change the next button to be "Submit"?


The following custom java script code lets you name the buttons in any manner you wish:

This allows you to change the button text for a particular page of a survey without changing it for the entire survey. This may be useful if you want the last button in your survey to say ‘Submit’ instead of ‘Next.’ Click here to see an example.

Change Next Button Text

var newName = 'Submit';
if ($('NextButton').nodeName == 'INPUT')
else if ($('NextButtonText').nodeName == 'SPAN')
$('NextButtonText').innerHTML = newName;
else // next button is probably a button
$('NextButton').innerHTML = newName;

Change Back Button Text

var newName = 'Submit';
if ($('PreviousButton').nodeName == 'INPUT')
else if ($('PreviousButtonText').nodeName == 'SPAN')
$('PreviousButtonText').innerHTML = newName;
else // previous button is probably a button
$('PreviousButton').innerHTML = newName;


On the line with var newName, change the “Submit” text to whatever you prefer the button to say. Paste the code into the JavaScript editor of any question on the page that contains the button you would like to change.

Q: How can I disable the question numbers from showing up in the live survey?

A: Uncheck "Show Export Tags" under "Survey Options".

Q: How can I find out more information about using the Qualtrics API.

A: First, you will want to make sure your account allows access to the Qualtrics APIs.  Contact your division administrator or [email protected] if you do not have access.

Then, refer to the following links for more information:

Qualtrics REST API

Qualtrics API 2.0 Specifications


Note - There are two aspects that may be helpful when developing your application to connect with Qualtrics:

1) Our usernames are in the format SFxxxxxx#ucsf , but the # character creates an error when it appears in the URL. The username needs to be encoded as SFxxxxxx%23ucsf . 

2) Qualtrics's website says that the API call to retrieve survey responses is getResponseData, but they tell me that this is an intentionally non-functional "example." The proper call is getLegacyResponseData .

Q: How do I decrease the space between the labels and text fields?

A: You can paste the following code into the HTML view to adjust that space:


.Skin .TE .FORM .ChoiceStructure table td {

    width: 30px;


You can change the number of pixels to adjust the width.

Q: As a brand or division administrator, how can I find out the creator of a particular survey in case there is an issue with a survey response (ie. accidental survey submission)?

Q: How can I transfer ownership of a survey from one user to another?

A: The feature of transferring ownership of a survey (as opposed to sharing editing and viewing privileges) is possible for brand and division administrators.  The following are the steps needed:

  • As an administrator, go to the "Administration" tab
  • Search for the user from which you want to transfer the survey
  • Click on the username link for the user (ie. sf123456)
  • Click on "View Account Use Info" near the top-left of the user information section
  • In the "Surveys" section, select "Change Owner" for each survey you would like to transfer
  • Select the user or group for which you want the survey transferred to
  • Click "Transfer"

Q: How can I include Geo Location information from respondants?

A: You can include Geo Location by including the fields with the Piped Text feature:

  • Going to any question and clicking on the question text
  • Click on the blue box above that says "Piped Text"
  • Find the GeoIP grouping
  • Select the GeoIP information you want
  • Qualtrics will then automatically put the code in for you

For more information about including piped text in your surveys, please view the following link:

Q: What are the newest features in Qualtrics?

A: Please refer to this Qualtrics page for information on the latest features in Qualtrics.

Q:  ​How can I create scoring for questions (ie for exams, evaluations, etc)?

A: Qualtrics includes a scoring feature.  Please refer to this Qualtrics page for more information.

Q: I use the web-based VPN tool (ie at the UCSF Medical Center) and have issues with copying and pasting the anonymous survey URL in Qualtrics; the URLs direct external, non-UCSF users to  What shall I do?

A: The web-based VPN client at serves as a Proxy Server, and for security reasons VPN will re-write all hyperlinks to include the address.  To get around this UCSF web policy, we recommend:

1)      Use the Network Connect standalone client, if possible, rather than the browser-based VPN

2)      Log off of the browser-based VPN and log in to Qualtrics directly at


Q:  How can I embed the current time based on the Pacific Time Zone?  (The default embedded time element is incorrect.)

A:  Use this embedded data variable ${date://OtherDate/g:i%20A/-1%20hours} instead of ${date://CurrentTime/ST}.

Q: Can I integrate my survey with MyAccess authentication to give my survey contextual information about the respondent? 

A: Yes, you can use the Qualtrics Authenticator functionality found in the Survey Flow section to pipe in certain MyAccess attributes as embedded data fields into your survey.  Please keep in mind that this will force your respondent to use MyAccess authentication, which means the respondent will need to be affiliated with UCSF.

Available MyAccess attributes:

Embedded Data Name in Survey Flow
Mapping Attribute in Survey Flow
Embedded Data Field to Use in Survey
MyAccess username (ie. SFxxxxxx) uid urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.1 [${e://Field/uid}]
Given Name (ie. your legal first name) givenName urn:oid: [${e://Field/givenName}]
Last Name sn urn:oid: [${e://Field/sn}]
Email email urn:oid:0.9.2342.19200300.100.1.3 [${e://Field/email}]
UCSF affiliation (ie. staff, student, affiliate, rfs [resident, fellow, or scholar]) eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation urn:oid: [${e://Field/eduPersonPrimaryAffiliation}]

Student/Employee ID (02#######)






Qualtrics setup information:

Authenticator - Authenticator | Qualtrics University

SSO Authentication - SSO Authentication | Qualtrics University


Screenshot of Survey Flow Setup

Qualtrics Survey Flow Setup