Drive, Tape, and Data Destruction

As part of an ongoing effort to improve UCSF’s stewardship of information resources, UCSF IT is pleased to offer a data storage device destruction service.

As part of this service, IT will destroy any electronic media (hard drives, tapes, etc.) that contains restricted data, including PII (personally identifiable information) and PHI (patient health information).

There is no charge for this service – bring us the drives/tapes, and we will take care of the rest!


Make an appointment by contacting: [email protected]


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q: Why should I do this?
A: It is the responsibility of the UCSF community to protect the UCSF trust and brand. Federal, state, and UC policies require storage media with restricted data to be sanitized or destroyed. When you dispose of a desktop or laptop, pull the drive, and deliver it to the ITS Data Center.

Q: Who can use this service?
A: Any faculty/staff/student or department at UCSF.

Q: What kind of drive or tapes do you accept?
A: Any 2.5” hard drive (laptop), 3.5” hard drive (desktop) or tapes.

Q: Is it really “free?"
A: Yes, it is an included service provided by IT.

Q: Does this service meet HIPAA requirements?
A: Yes, data is rendered unreadable per HIPAA and NIST 800-88.

Q: Do I have to use this service? I have a vendor that already provides this service.
A: We applaud those in the UCSF community that have taken the initiative to safeguard data. While not required, we encourage you to use the central service we provide.